Our puppies

We breed on a very limited basis and puppies are generally NOT available. Contact us to see when the next litter may be planned.

Ready for a Ravensown KO puppy?

We’re so happy you want to add a Doberman to your life. We want to be supportive throughout the life of our dogs and look forward to a long friendship with you.

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Welcome to the Ravensown KO family!

The Ravensown KO puppy contract

My goal is to produce quality Doberman pinschers with beauty, brains and good stable temperaments, who excel at home as beloved pets and dearest friends.

It is my job, as breeder, to choose caring, suitable homes for each dog I breed. In return, I expect the same from new owners: a stable home environment, proper nutrition, veterinary care, grooming, exercise and a safe home. The dogs are given the best possible start that I, the breeder, can give them in their genes and their beginning in the whelping box.

It is up to you as the new owner to carry out the plan of raising a sound canine good citizen: a dog to be very proud of.

All Ravensown puppies go home cropped, docked and microchipped along with a mutually signed contract and the appropriate AKC registration. Companion puppies (not showing conformation) are required to have a spay/neuter contract and a limited AKC registration.

Contract terms include, but are not limited to:

  1. That this dog will be given a proper diet, proper exercise, have a fenced yard or kennel run, not to be tethered out nor allowed to run loose unsupervised. That this dog not be mistreated or neglected in any manner, but to be a house pet and part of the family so important to a Doberman.
  2. That this dog will receive adequate and proper veterinary care throughout his or her lifetime and proper preventative health care maintained.
  3. That if the owner decides not to keep this dog for any reason, Ravensown KO Dobermans will have the right of first refusal to acquire the dog or will help place the dog.
  4. That the owner shall promptly notify Ravensown KO Dobermans of any address change made by owner.

Doberman pinschers are a very active and intelligent dog with an unbelievable desire to please. It would be a shame for them not to receive titles at both ends of their names. I am a firm believer in this. They are dogs capable of doing many tasks. There is a whole world of working and temperament titles, ranging from Obedience, Tracking, Herding, Agility and much more. It is in the dog’s and owner’s best interest  to give him/her at minimum the training to achieve the obedience title of CD (Companion Dog). The new owner should understand that this is also a big commitment of time and effort, however the new owner should commit to achieve this AKC title of Companion Dog by the dog’s age of 4 years. If there are any questions, problems or concerns regarding this, the new owner is to consult with me about these and I will help in any way possible.

The new owner also agrees to use positive training methods for the dog. The main priority of training and showing your dog is fun and it should be enjoyable for both of you. Always look out for the dog’s main interest. There is to be no abuse, mistreatment or harsh training methods used to achieve any title. If the owner and dog are a happy team, the list of titles is endless!

A dog who is sound in body, mind and temperament can compete in any ring and will be a pleasure to live with.